Z-pitch documentation - clarify

Please clarify :
Pitch height is one revolution of the z-motor -
so take into consideration your gearing motor/leadscrew.

Z axis pitch numerically describes height movement per motor movement (mm/revolution).

a higher z axis pitch ultimately means that for the same speed motor, the z axis moves further and thus faster than a lower pitch number.

The rigid z axis pitch of 3.17 was the baseline.
Meticulous metalmaslow M2 with the motor on the lead screw was 8.
Add a 60 tooth pulley on the motor timing-belt-driven to a 20 tooth pulley on the lead screw is 24.

With a pitch of 24, you are no longer waiting for the router to plunge all day and are now waiting for the sled to move.

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I just think it is an idea to make it clearer in the wc interface.

That is a good idea. I was just editing webcontrol the other day and could easily change that. How would you have it read to make it simpler/better? Are you meaning the one-line description in the settings window or in the help file?

Or you could go in and change it.

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In the ‘popup’ field in wc is a good place.
I dont think you need your whole explaination. Just something like my initial lines.

I misunderstood what you were asking/saying originally as these forums are typically questions on how things work.

You were offering clarity to the community on the documentation.

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I can see i could have been more specific. :slight_smile:

I’ll slow down and read more carefully. You did it right. Good input. Good insight.