Motor is skipping?

I have just had a similar problem. It seemed at first that the chain was skipping teeth, but after a close observation, it looks more like the motor is skipping (internally?). When it happens, the Maslow application still continues to function, but the router is actually several teeth lower than it should be. I’ve chewed up a full sheet of plywood and am just trying to figure this out and get some progress made on cutting parts. Is it a problem with the left motor? or is it a different hardware issue? Please help…

I would bet that there is a gear skipping teeth inside the motor.

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Sorry for the trouble!!


It’s very unlikely that it’s the motor that’s skipping, as opposed to the chain
skipping on the sprocket (if it is, then you have broken gears inside the

the chain skips are very fast, Bar had to watch a video in slow motion to see
the skip happen.

There should be a noise when the skip happens, see if you can get it to repeat
while filming the motor/sprocket


You have likely checked that already, but just in case.
Make sure the screw for the sprocket is tightened on the flat side of the motor shaft.


I agree that chain skips happen so fast that you can’t see it. When it happened to me, I just heard a pop and all the sudden the pattern shifted. I thought my linkage had gotten hung up and just snapped back into place, but after the resultant part came out misshapen (and after reading the forums) I figured out it was a chain skip. If you suspect the motors, I believe you can open up the gearbox and inspect it to see if there are any messed-up gears.

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Thanks! Address was just emailed.

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