Motor running by itself

Hi there, i’m new here. I bought the complet maslow full kit with z axis control. I already built the frame and fix the motors and the electronics behind te frame. While connecting the power supply and USB to my computer, the left motor is running continiusly and stopping time to time a couple of second. is that normal? Did I miss something and stop or should I continue proramming arduino installing GC with te motor running? or something else. I guess i’m quite confused.

That’s not normal when the firmware is installed, but if there is no firmware on the Arduino I could see that happening.

That should be safe to do and will hopefully stop the motor from spinning.

I’ve been struggling to find out what could be the problem and still don’t really understand everything. I restarted fully the process of Arduino and after testing te Mea2560 R3 with the blink and playing from 57600baud and 38400 and ten back, the motor stopped for now.I’ll see wat will be next but a couple of things disturb me. Like why i don’t have the two sprockets? What should I do with the 2 stainless steel Idler pulleys? Sould I use GroundControl? WebControl or MakerMade? GroundControlround control looks working, impossible to find a way to download WebControl and MakerMade is not able to validate or dfind my macine, i’m quite lost… Thanks a lot for advice,

For MakerMade machines you need to be using MakerVerse which is their software. They should also have given you some assembly instructions which match your machine.