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Only left side working rotating coutreclockwise during setup

i have deleted and installed program multiple times. I am new to this and dont know anything but what direction say. im frustrated and wishing i had went with another brand with customer service .can anyone please help me

It would help if you provided what version of the Maslow you have. Who did you buy it from? Is it the M2 or the classic Maslow? Are you using Makerverse or GroundControl/WebControl?

If only one motor is turning, please verify that your boards are firmly seated, and the motor cables are seated as well.

I am sure others will be along here to assist, but the information I asked for above will be the same that anyone else will ask for. This info will help to provide a baseline and a point for which to start from in troubleshooting.

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Can you tell us more about what is going on? Screenshots and pictures help a lot.

I’ve tried everything and contacted east bay source I think they are sending another board this is all I get good news motor has stopped spinning lol

Were you able to install the firmware from the link we emailed you earlier?

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Yes and checked the usb and the pins and this is all I get

So you have managed to reinstall the firmware which is good. It means the Arduino is working and connecting to your computer.

Please see if you can download Ground Control from the link in our second email. It is a slightly different version than the one you have which makes calibration easier for beginners.

Also, make sure you don’t have any other software using this usb port at the same time. GroundControl will use the same COM port you selected when you uploaded the firmware, make sure you close the Arduino IDE before launching GC.

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