Motor tilting very fast

Hi guys, i was using the maslow flawlesly but all rhw sudden ground control said the sled wasnt keeping up.
I went to adjust the chains to a known length. But the left one just tilts very quick. I changed the right cable to this motor to test it and it does the same. Thank you for any input.

Can you define “tilts” for me please as non “birth english”.
The standard routine of exclusions would be:

  • check all 3 motor connections to the shield
  • sanity check on the machine settings in GC and compare with hand measured
  • turning of other machines as a possible source of interference
  • recalling if there was any chain wrap or unexpected pull to the top that could have overloaded the chips on the motor shield
  • is there something in the log file that can give more clue


  • To new machine to have a ripped gear-wheel but it should be in this list
  • The screw that tightens the sprocket to the motor, is it aimed at the flat side of the shaft and tight? It can come loose, so check them on both motors.
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Thanks for your input, i found the issue. It is the black donut (i dont know thw right term so i will call it black donut) that came loose and the maslow cant read thw motor turns properly. I bough a new motor. And for now i will just super glue the black donut firmly


I think the donut is the encoder counting how many turns the motor made and on that side of the motor is quite fast giving us far more “steps” then we actually need.


I don’t think we’ve seen that problem on the forums before. Can you describe the “tilting” motion more completely? I’d like to capture it in the troubleshooting table on the wiki.

Hi there, is more like a back and forward motion. Here is a litte video. I hope it helps

I think what you’re seeing is the inertia of the rotor in the motor starting and stopping being transferred to the case. The PID control loop for the motor starts and stops the motor to control the speed and rotation. With no chain attached, and unmounted, you see the result.
For a comparison, watch the same motor during the ‘TestMotors/Encoders’ process. There the motor runs full speed in one direction for (2 seconds?) a short time, then in reverse. Does the motor rock at the start and end of each of these?
Or put differently, “that’s your Maslow, eager to get to cutting!” :grin:

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Yes, but the encoder was loose. As I said, I superglue it and now is working fine. The problem was that same wiggle with the chain mounted and the motor wouldnt even rotate to calibrate. Thanks!


Ok, yes - that would drive the PID loop crazy! A good fix, the super glue.

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Hi guys,
After using Maslow for over a month pretty much everyday, yesterday my left motor made a click sound (more like a “tack-tack-tack” type of sound) each time turning left side .
As @Gero said it is important to know that I had two chain wraps in that time but on the right motor.
First reflex stop everything So i’ve checked several times the motors with the groundcontrol test everythinf seems fine and then 2 things happened.

  • first batch of tries everything went fine on the groundcontrol test, each motors seems in perfect working order.
    -i get on with the cut and then a message from groundcontrol said that my sled wasn’t keeping up.
  • second batch of test : the left motor failed the left side turn 1 time in 3 tests.
  • Try go on with the cut and then the same message came up instantly.
  • third batch of test : Test Failed on the left motor for a left side turn 3 times out of 3.
  • Then I tried to switch the motor, the problem seems to follow.
  • I’ve also open the cap of the motor to see if there was anything loose like @rasiel , but everything seems fine.
    So i’ve think i’ve busted one of my motors and reordered a couple just in case.
    Do you have an idea of where the problem can originate?
    I use the standard frame and a ridgid router.

Check this post Motor Gear failure?
Might be the gear :frowning: