Movable base/frame

i am on the waiting list and looking at how big this thing is going to be. my shop is a 2 car garage (with alot of storage for normal house stuff) . Was wondering if there are any plans to have the entire frame on casters to be able to move in and out of the way when working on other projects. I know it would have to be very heavy and have to be very still when cutting.

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the frame isn’t that heavy, and it’s not a big deal to put casters under it
(unlike a lot of CNC machines, this isn’t moving really fast and jerking around)

for my “top-beam” alternate approach (see musings on frame design for details),
I have it on casters and it folds up to roll in as a slim vertical panel.

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other people are hinging them from the wall or cealing.

I think it would be good to always check if the machine is level once you start cutting since the earths gravity is part of the machine.

yes and no, earth’s gravity is part of the machine, but the actual vector
doesn’t really matter that much.

it affects the friction an the chain tension, but having one side of the machine
a few inches higher than the other is not going to matter much.

David Lang

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Impressive how forgiving this turns out to be for a machine that looks so bare minimum. :smiley:

Thank you for the fast response.

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