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Metal Maslow and frame

Dear All,
I do woodworking as a hobby and not really a tech guy. I have no Auto-CAD experience and am terribly bad with electronics. Nevertheless, your product has enticed me to get into uncharted territory for me and am very keen to give it a go. I have gone through your web site and watched alot of utube videos. Before affecting purchase, I would like to ask you a few questions please:

I am considering buying the Metal Maslow CNC kit and assemble it on a metal frame as described by Meticulous Maynard in Super Maslow pt1 on you tube I also seem to think that he attached the chain motors at the end of the metal frame really well. Can I have your comments on this please?

Moreover, instead of using a bungee cord to keep the chain tension, I was thinking of using weights and use the contraption adapted by jtandnz. You may wish to view this on the following:

I am of the humble opinion that the above set up should make for as near accurate set up as is possible and would thus be able to use the machine till the extreme corners of a normal 8’ x 4’ sheet board. Can I have your opinion on this matter please?

Next question, re the Metal Maslow CNC kit: does this kit do away with the 2 bricks as weight? I’m assuming the metal sled will be heavy enough but nothing of the sort was mentioned in the description of the kit.

Next question; will this machine be able to read Auto-CAD files? I was hoping to start attending a course on the subject and it would be nice to know that I can use it on the Maslow.

Last question: I live in Malta, Europe and here our single phase electricity is 240v - 60Hz. Will the electronics of the kit match this voltage or would I have to buy a separate transformer to change from 240V to 110V ?

Thank you for your attention.

the motor mounts in the super maslow video are nice, but would be pretty time consuming to cut by hand and expensive to get only a pair made at a time. the stock motor mounts are pretty strong. I’d just start with those and if you want to upgrade latter you can.

the metal malsow kit comes with pullies and rope, for weights.
metal maslow kit does not need additional weight, but if you use a lighter palm router you can add about 5-8 more pounds of weight.
you would have to buy a 220v router locally the rest of the electronics can work on 220v, through you might have to buy a plug adapter for $3 to convert from USA to euro plugs.

Thankyou for your prompt and informative reply.

Still do you think the weight and pulley system used by jtandnz on youtube:

The video is called ‘Chain tensioner for Maslow CNC’

is better to control the chains from getting caught either at the motor ends or by themselves especially in the central part of the frame where they are more prone to the most slack?

Lastly, forgive me for asking again, but can the machine read Auto-CAD files?


The short answer is no. You must have AutoCAD generate a gcode file. Maslow moves based on a CAM grbl formatted gcode. Fudion360 can generate as can a number of other cad or drawing programs. There are a couple tutorials you can check out in the wiki portion of the forum that provide step by step instructions for a few different software packages.

it’s a very nice chain tensioner system, but it probably adds another $50 to the cost or more. and given that most people only use the center area might be overkill. pullies and rope work pretty well for me.

I found on their website they recommend 9lbs of weight for the blue router and 5.5lbs if you use the rigid router.