Maslow CNC with Panel Saw mod by John Montani.

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Is this only capable of cutting vertical lines, or is it intended to cut horizontally and at angles, too?

If it’s like most panel saws I know, vertical and horizontal, but not diagonal.

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John, a lot of good things here, but I could see a problem needing attention:

the table saw is prisoner into the top of the frame (between legs), which mean the sled will not be able to move in all areas. (or park away the saw)

going over and the travel would be in way of chains and motors.

As I don’t care to move the material around (rotate LxH), I could also move it to the side of the maslow for cuting, just need a fixed grantry with up/down saw. To support the material far away, I would add a slotting in extension holder on the side (with a leg to take material weight).

Like that, it’s keep every thing simple, no more collision between saw and CNC.

I would keep counterweight idea.

Find a way to share dust collection too.

How about using that setup with the router…a chain driven gantry system so to speak…would that be feasible?