Must sled be 18" circumference?

I went to my plastic boneyard here in Florida and got a nice piece of Tuftac 1/4" polymer sheet very tough and see through. I thought this would be a great material for my Maslow1st.gen sled. I could only find a piece big enough to make a 14" sled, but I worked out on a piece of cardboard how the sled would accommodate my gear and I can fit everything on it. I’m keeping in mind my center of gravity, but I have not configured my zaxis as of yet.
I’m asking what is a good overall height of zaxis tower for sled typically and whatever is the general consensus I’ll get right on it.lts not that I’ve been dragging my feet on this I’m building two CNC machines. One that I’ve canalized from a bigger machine which is now a much smaller format and is about completed. Now I can concentrate much of my time to the Maslow. It’s been slow going just procuring all the stuff I’m going to need to just to erect this puppy.
I just did a side job and the money made wouldbe wisely spent on the lumber for my work platform.
I’d just like to say Thanks to the members who have shared their knowledge with me you know who you are. To Maslowia may the sled be with you. Is Maslow an acronym?

The sled does not need to be 18" inches, but 14" might be a little on the small side. The issue is that as the sled gets smaller it is more “tippy” which can lead to less accurate cuts. I would also worry a little bit about 1/4 inch think material being rigid enough, but I haven’t worked with that material specifically.

If the material isn’t too expensive I think it would be worth giving it a go (I can’t see any reason that it couldn’t work), but the larger sled will work better for you if you can make one the full 18".

Thanks for this info. I can probably use the piece I got for something else and hunt for a piece 18" the brand name Tuftac is unbreakable material and very rigid. I would trust it with extreme weight.Thanks Bar

if you have the top beam adjusted so the chains are at the balance point (or
just slightly closer to the workpiece) the sled is a lot less tippy.

Daid Lang

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Thanks David I’ll keep that in mind. Just for the hell of it I might try two sleds one 14" round and one 18" and see which ever one responds better.

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