My first big project - Wavy Wall Decoration Art

Here is my first big project made with the Maslow (not perfectly calibrated, but enough for this project).

It took about 2 hours every three ribs, so more than 16 hours were spent cutting (I made many mistakes, but I learned a lot). After that, sanding (quite a lot), painting, electricity, assembling, …

I’m quite happy with the result. I waited quite a long time to have my living room decorated, but now it’s done thanks to my Maslow CNC.

Hope to keep making more projects, but I need to improve my dust vacuum system before that.


Beautiful work. +1 on workshop organization… makes me sad when I think about mine.

Seriously Awesome Job. Thank you so much for sharing.

Also, this would be a great addition to the Garden if you’re willing to share the cut files!



WOW WOW WOW such a great addition to the wall! Well done

Bravo! Amazing work, very inspiring! Is this your original concept?

Yes, I’ll add it to the Garden (I’ll upload SVG and Illustrator files). I made the original 3D model in Fusion 360, and then I sliced it with the slicer plugin. If anybody wants also this file please let me know.


I’ve got inspired by this sort of art:

Parametric Wood Design

More concisely, by this picture:

Wood Wave Wall Panel

But I wanted to hide the frame that holds all the “ribs”, therefore I mingled two concepts in one, a wave and an abstract picture, by weaving colored wood veneers through the “ribs”.

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Wow! Nice work!

Beautiful piece!

That is really cool. The sort of thing that I’d love to have in my office.

Great project on many fronts: design, planning, execution, color selection, and finishing. Especially like how the thin veneer pieces (Pic 3) have their own contours. This is hard to see in the other pics but I bet it looks great in person. This project, with its organic lines, exemplifies what I want to do with the Maslow and why I bought it.

Noticed that you cut this from nice lumber, which I assume were individual planks, rather than a large sheet?

  • Wondering if you could share an insight on how you positioned the lumber on the Maslow? GroundControl Home positioning is pretty limited. Did you use Center or Corner positioning in CAM/GCODE?
  • Were inside pocket cuts correct dimension or did you have to alter it to make it work?
  • Any problems you had along the way that wasted a lot of time due to organic cuts?
  • How did you sand the pieces? Manually, spindle sander, belt sander?

Any input provided will be greatly appreciated.


Hi tinker!

Here is how I set the lumber in the Maslow. I just needed to slide a new plank into position (see picture below), fix it with some screws where I knew they won’t interfere with the router, move the router near the low/left corner and set there the home in Ground Control. The planks were 200cm by 50cm, so after cutting 3 shapes (that fit in a 100cm by 50cm rectangle), I turned around the plank and cut other 3 shapes in the space left.

I design the pockets to be a little bit bigger than the wood beam I was going to use for support. After cutting the piece I drill a hole in the flange (see picture below), so I can fix the piece to the beams with 2 screws.

For sanding I used a spindle sander. It got tricky to sand all the curves, but I use a small adapter for the difficult ones.

I ran through a lot of problems during the cuts, but mostly due to going through my first big and long project:

  • The tablet I use for Ground Control ran out of battery (It was supposed to be charging, but it wasn’t).
  • I try to cut through a screw I set in a wrong place.
  • The vacuum clogged with dust and all went messy.
  • I lost a 1/4’ bit, because the chinese adapter from 8mm to 1/4’ didn’t last.

Hope this info helps!


Thanks for the description and pictures. Wow didn’t realize you used 200x50cm wide planks! At best I will have half that and they will be irregularly shaped. Still very useful info. Again, Very cool project!