My first cut with Maslow, and first time using a router

Haven’t figured out waste board, so screwed crappy ply directly to backboard. This was 3/8, the Maslow logo from the community site is for half inch, so I paused it twice, then cancelled after it made it all the way through. Tabs didn’t work cause of the thickness difference, and I seem to need bungee cords to hold the router to the sled. So z-azis could use some tinkering, but overall can’t believe I finally cut something after two years!

Took four one minute long videos, just to prove it’s mine :grinning:

Watch “Maslow first cut” on YouTube

Watch “Maslow first cut 2” on YouTube

Watch “Maslow first cut 3” on YouTube

Watch “Maslow first cut 4” on YouTube


Nice. That first cut is always so gratifying.

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