My First Self-Designed Cut - Cribbage, anyone?

After much testing and user error…
Created on FreeCad 0.22…

And there was much rejoicing!

It’s pretty small and basic, just wanted to learn how to do some important-but-basic operations, and since perimeter cutting was a given, I figured I’d try drilling as the second operation to test.
FreeCad isn’t yet perfectly setup, there’s some tweaking and stuff to do to make it happy with negative-Z cutting by default, but having this on my bench as inspiration is awesome!


One of the first sorta “My Design” cuts that I did was a couple of bit holders. I did copy the design from someone else, but I cut it manually on the M2. Like, literally. Drop the bit, jog the bit. No g-code, just manually jogging the machine. I laugh about it now, but it worked. The collet holes are cut with a drill press and a forstner bit, those were not done on the cnc.