My son's Bed + Nazca lines engraving

My wife and I made a bed for my son using the maslow…
The engravings are from Peru Nazca Lines…

I was in Peru recently and my wife liked the Nazca lines.

100% made on FreeCAD + Maslow combination.

FreeCAD is really awesome and works best with the Maslow…

I’ll made the FreeCAD files available in the community garden, hopefully by the end of the week… Meanwhile I’ll just post a picture.


Beautiful work! I love the design of the bed and the way you customized it :+1: :+1:

Thanks for being willing to share the files so that we can all benefit :grinning:

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The design and execution is so great!
It always makes my :heart: jump when I see projects like this.

I am a Brother in the workflow with 0.17


@Gero are you still back at home?

Thank you

I’m back in hot and humid Bahrain.


So soon - you barely had time to cool off and dry out!


I uploaded all the digital files + assembly details files to the community garden.
However, I forgot to say it was furniture.

After upload the website said congratulations.
However, not sure if it uploaded correctly.

Also I need to add some notes to the community garden on the assembly.

(I cannot post the digital files here because there are too heavy… )


That is looking so good!

I don’t think it did post to the community garden, would you be willing to give it another go? This is too cool of a project to loose. How big is the folder with the files in it?

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Community garden website said “congratulations”.
Not sure if this worked.

The files are also available in this google drive folder until 08/06/2018

Hmmm I’m still not seeing it posted though so I think something is going wrong. What do you see if you click the “View the script log” button, that will give us more information. If you are tired of dealing with it feel free to email the files to me at and I’ll keep trying and fix whatever the problem is


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I just emailed you the files

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You can use below photo for the project picture


I had the same issue with uploading the zip file that you did. I’ll start looking into why that happened to fix it. In the meantime I’ve created the project here:

Do you have a github account that I could invite to be the owner of the project?

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Such a great bed. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

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