Share 3D printed files?

I have several 3D printed files that are enhancements to the Maslow. I have some in the original Community Garden, I put the Plug Cap in the New Community Garden because the one day I messed up I spent over an hour looking for a problem I caused. I feel it is very helpful.

Some of the files are larger then smaller printers can handle, some are very difficult to print.

I’m looking for direction from the community if I should take the time to put them up as they often don’t lend themselves to being produced by CNC. It’s sort of 3D printer specific.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you


If they are something to use with the Maslow, I think it’s fine to post them


Yeah, I think anything Maslow related should be there; as long as it’s clear in the description that the part you’re looking at is meant to be printed, not cut, then it’s fine.


In my eyes, something that is community-designed and made for the Maslow counts just as much as something that’s made on the Maslow, just need to put a different tag on it defining what it is.

In addition to the plug cover, there are several machine enhancement projects in there already, the ring, the controller board, and the Z-axis.