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Need some frame suggestions. My basement wall is bowed


I need some suggestions on how to build a frame that doesn’t attach to the wall. My basement wall bows in due to some foundation issues(it’s being corrected but the bow will always be there), so I need to be able to build my frame as a whole instead of the split design described in the instructions for my M2. I was thinking that I’d just add a couple of 2x4’s on each side and extend it by a couple of feet but then I would have to correct for the “height” offset that is created when you space the cutting surface from the 2x4 that holds the chain/motors. Is there a good way to calculate how much “height” I should add to the 2x4 to adjust for the height difference that would be created from that 18 inches? I THINK that the height offset is supposed to be about 4.8 inches but I’m not sure. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks trying to finish this thing with a billion things getting in my way(snow/ice storm didn’t help) so forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious. I’m hoping what I’m asking is clear since the “height” that I’m talking about isn’t the height of the frame but the height that the chain sits over the cutting surface that is created from the 18 inch offset of the top of the bottom frame.

Any help appreciated.