Need to sell Maslow

Hello am selling my Maslow I could not get the hang of it my loss is your gain if anybody is interested just message me am asking for what I paid for it plus shipping do not have the z axis and it is complete

Hello Jlreyna,

It might be helpful to state your general location and how much you wish to sell your Maslow for. What is it’s status and what you are including.

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Am selling it for $325 plus shipping it comes with everything that was include in the original shipment but does not have the z axis

I’m interested in purchasing it! How do you want to proceed? Thanks

Again a reminder, if you post your email address in any public forum be prepared for your spam to go way up. Communicate via the private messaging system or at least try to obscure address as in me at someplace dot com. That’s not perfect but it weeds out the lowest budget email harvesters.

It’s worse if you give out your PayPal address. Hopefully you have a recently changed high quality password. If it’s “password” somebody will be happy to empty any balance or linked credit card for you.

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Also interested. If you haven’t already sold it let me know.

Sorry it’s been sold