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New maslow for sale. Unsure of what it is

I have a maslow thats brand new . I am not sure even what it is. I bought it a couple of years ago and never set it up. I believe it has the z azis. Make me an offer and I will send pics of everything. Thanks and sorry for the poor information.

It’s hard to make an offer without knowing what you have? If you post photos first that will help. expect to get $150-$300 for original kit IMHO. good luck.

ok i will try to photograph it, but its all brand new in packages so I will have to open it all to see what it is. Basically a brand new complete maslow with z axis I bought from here a couple of years ago.

there are about 6 different versions.

There should be a label on the box, try posting a pic of that and maybe it can be deciphered which version you have.

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