New Maslow w/Z axis for sale

Life happened. Would like to sell my new Maslow incl Z axis. Arrived last week. Still in original box. Opened it just to check contents. Would like to get $ 500.
If interested, contact me here. Leave name and contact info to discuss.
Will ship ASAP from N. FL, Jacksonville area. Thanks, Bob

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prepare to be swamped with posts!

Will buy it, how do you want to hand payment?

I have wondered the same thing. A way to do it which protects both of us.
I do have a Pay Pal account but have never received money to it. Do you know what they charge?Another possibility might be Cash on delivery from the post office. Have never done it but will check tomorrow to see
tomorrow.I don’t know if UPS or Fed EX offer this, but will check.
I’ll get back to you with what I find.

I’ve never done COD. I have used PayPal to pay. I think there is a service fee for PayPal no idea how much. I would guess the COD also has some kind of fee. Whatever works better for you.

A little research on will find the fees.

They have a feeless gift option that’s also protection less. Use that only with people you know and trust, and avoid if you’re expecting something in return, like a Maslow. PayPal sticks it’s neck out to offer buyer protection so it’s reasonable to ask a fee for it.


I have looked into several ways to make a payment which protects both of us. They are:
US Postal Service. They require cash payment, or it can go to your local post office where you can go, and purchase a money order from them and pay with that and receive the shipment.
UPS… They offer the service. They also will need exact cash or a certified, ie bank check. They will only make 3 attempts to deliver, then it’s returned to me.
Pay Pal. I have a PayPal account. I can give you my PayPal info and the amount due you will need a PayPal account too. It can be linked to either a credit card, your bank account, or your PayPal cash account. You pay, I receive notice of payment in a few minutes, then I ship and notify you. If you do not receive the package, you have the ability to “claw back” your money.
We should talk about this. Give me a phone number for you and a good time to call. I"ll also need your ship to address as UPS cannot give me a price without weighing and measuring to package and knowing its destination.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Just sent you a Privet message.

Has this item sold? I am new to the forum but am looking to get one of these units.

sold and shipped.