New Categories!


You’ve probably noticed I’ve begun some reorganization. At the suggestion of several users here, sub-categories have been added to several of the categories here at the forums.

You can view these subcategories under each of the parent categories (see example below).

And I’ve just realized I need to change the colors of the subtopics

If your question/topic applies to one of these sub categories, please feel free to use them, rather than the parent category. Also, questions of a more general nature should continue to go in that parent category.

Because of the way Discourse does linking, I won’t be moving anything already in the forums to the new categories (to avoid broken links elsewhere) but as new topics are posted, if I see they would fit better in another category, I might move them. If I do this, I’ll PM you.

Also, don’t forget about Discourse tagging as well! So if you have a Sled-related question about accuracy, Post the question in the Hardware:Sled category and tag it with the “accuracy” tag! That makes searches much more meaningful!


FWW - I have linked in the past to images in discourse only to find internally it seems to move things sometimes and the links to the images broke. Food for thought.

Thank you

I would propose OnShape and FreeCAD under the CAD/CAM Software Tips Category.