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Is it possible to have subtopics?

In the hardware area there is now a topic on frame design ideas, we are really going to need to have many different discussions under that topic. can we make a sub-topic or should we make a new high-level topic for those discussions?

Or subcategories as an alternative, if subtopics aren’t a thing?

There are two ways to handle this: with sub-categories or with tags.

Sub-categories can go one level deep. You can apply as many tags to a post as you like.

We could implement either or both to organize the topics a bit.

I think we want both. Tagging can be useful but isn’t always done

even one level of sub-categories can help organize things a lot

Here’s what I’m thinking:

Hardware Issues

  • Frame
  • Sled
  • Electronics

Software Issues

  • Ground Control
  • Maslow Firmware

For tags, I think we should promote the tag “modification” for discussions related to changes in any of those categories.

Bringing an old post back from the dead…

I’d like to propose adding in some subcategories to the CAD/CAM portion… I think you can only go one level deep, so maybe:

Makercam [CAM]
Fusion360 [CAD/CAM}
CamBam [CAM]
Inkscape [CAD]

I think it would be useful to have these subtopics so people could ask their application specific Maslow oriented questions in an appropriate location without intermixing things too much.


Thanks for bringing this one back from the dead. :slight_smile:

I’ll get to work on these this evening. I added the Makercam one as a test; it looks like it worked fine.


One small change here: I added a more generic category for Illustration software; Inkscape, Illustrator, etc shouldn’t be confused with CAD for a number of reasons. I realize it’s used for those purposes, but they’re really in a different class of software.

They’re also strictly 2D where the others are 3D.