Do we need the technical details category?

I’ve been thinking about organizing the categories and I was wondering if we still need the Technical details category. We originally had “hardware issues” “software issues” and “technical details”.

The issues categories were there to discuss problems, while the “technical details” category was there talk about how to improve the machine.

It seems like so we’re using it right, but there is a good amount of technical discussion in the “hardware” and “software” issues categories which is great…so I remade them as places to discuss all things either hardware or software and removed the “issues” part of the label…but then the question is do we still need the Technical Details category or can it be absorbed into the new “Hardware” and “Software” categories

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I vote that it can go. Out with the old in with the new. Mo-Better!

Thank you


my $0.02,

Merry New Year!

Software (Machine Dev)
Hardware (Machine Dev)
Operation (Machine Dev)

CAD/CAM Software (Project Dev)
Procedures (Project Dev)
Projects (Project Dev)

Swap Meet (Community Dev)
No Judgement (Community Dev)
Site Feedback (Community Dev)



only if you can move the posts over, we don’t want to loose whatever is there.

Maybe a “my machine” category could be added, where everyone can make 1 tread if he chooses to, to talk a little about himself, to tell everyone else how he made his machine, what he did different then stock and why, what he’s planning to make, why he decided to buy/build one. It could make for an interesting read.
“hi, i’m Dag and i’m a maslowholic”


And as long as we’re talking forum categories, one for material related questions coumd also be usefull.

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