Question - From Newbe (lol)

I just got the Maslow little over a month ago. I am trying to cut a longbow press out of 1/2 ply that is 72 inches long and 12 high with some curves, but I need to cut three the same and bolt together to get a form that is 1 1/2 thick. Problem is the lower one it cut is great, and top one cut has way different shape with bigger arcs and etc. I also am have trouble getting the calibration to find the center of the plywood, its seems to be off vertical by six to eight inches depending on which time I did it. How do I reset the “Red Cross hairs” of ground control to be in the center of the ply after I manually move / set the router in the center… I am in need of some help. (Please)

You can “set home” to define your starting point. Where the machine thinks it is isn’t really relevant, as long as it’s not outside the physical machine, everything is relative to the “home” position anyway.

If you need 3 identical pieces, I’d recommend cutting them in the same place on your machine. As you’ve noticed, there are some slight accuracy issues with Maslow near the edges of the machine, but repeatability should be very good, as long as it’s cut in the same spot on the machine.

You could rip 72" x 12" pieces of plywood using a saw, and then position these pieces one at a time on the machine using another smaller strip as a guide, to cut them all in the same exact spot.

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Very good idea, thank you so much