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Re doing set up to 8 ft beam ,what can my cutting area be

Just redoing my set up .
I have to do an 8ft beam now ,because of space .
Just need to know what cutting area I should do and chain length.
I figure I am cutting 2 ft off of all measurements.?
Chains ,cutting area etc ,I do have a 4x8 sheet up as back board .
Special thanks to Mike also .

we discovered that on our 10’ crossbeam set up that our accurate RELIABLE cutting area is 36" x 68"

we also discovered that my work surface was not β€œflat” as we assumed although we used 3/4" heavy duty particle board so we will be adding another layer of 3/4" to try and level our cutting surface

we are going the opposite direction that you are and upgrading to 12’ crossbeam (we have the workshop space for larger size) so we can get to accurate + reliable 96" x 48" parts cutting


the stock maslow had a cutting area 2’ shorter than your top beam.

if you are aiming for a 4’ tall cutting area, 6’ of cutting area in the bottom
corners will be pushing it, 4-5’ will be reliable.

David Lang

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