New in box Maslow with Z Azis - SOLD

I do not have time to start project and have decided to sale the Maslow kit that I purchased. It is new in the box and it has the z axis option. Box has never been opened. I think I have about $450 total in it and shipping and PayPal fees will add roughly $100 to that. I’ll take $450 and you can pay the shipping and transaction fees. If you live anywhere near SE New Mexico you are welcome to come pick it up with cash.

I had listed this kit on this forum earlier this week but I listed it at $600 with shipping to any US address. I am not trying to make any money on it but shipping (rough estimates on UPS) for third day air was about $100 (to a zip code in Virginia, I figured that was pretty close to most of the nation from SE New Mexico) and the PayPal fees will be another $20 or so. I am not looking for anything more than I have in it but I don’t want to pay someone to take it either. If you are interested you can text me at five seven five 200 six two nine six (someone told me not to leave a number in posts on these forums) or email me at bobby hunt 2871 at g mail .com (again it was suggested that using an actual email address was a bad idea???).

I am willing to ship the kit anywhere…but buyer will have to pay for shipping and any sort of import fees and taxes etc.

Again, not trying to make anything just trying to get rid of something I don’t plan to use and assuming someone else can use.

look at the post office flat rate boxes, they will be much cheaper to ship.

I think that is the way it was shipped initially. I will ship it however the buyer wants to have it shipped as long as they pay the freight.

Is this still available?
Very interested.

Is this still available??? If so, I’m interested.