Maslow kit with Z axis for sale (sold)

Hi everyone,
After receiving my kit in March, I have decided to sell my kit as I do not have the time and space for it. Kit has never been used, just opened for viewing. Asking $400 shipped. Thanks.

I would be interested in buying this. Have to figure out payment method to protect each of us.

Hi there I’m interested, I’ll pm you for details.

Or perhaps you can get in touch with me, I’m new and can’t seem to be able to direct message you yet.

Do you have a location? Maybe one of us lives close enough to avoid shipping/transaction worries?

Plus, I like to be the one putting miles on my (potential) Maslow, not the postal carrier :rofl:

edit: Does it come with the ring setup?

I am in Central Iowa.

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I live in Western Illinois (close to the Quad Cities) and could pick up your kit if it is still available. Does it have the ring system and what is the best price if I pick it up?

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Not sure if I have the ring, but will check when I am home this evening. Price will be less what USPS priority flat rate charge. If it is worth your time driving 4 hrs here.

You are right about the travelling, I won’t save any money doing that! Probably best to order from Maslow and get the latest version with Z axis kit and ring for $423 shipped.

Thank you for getting back to me.


Is this still available?

Sorry for the delayed response, yes still available.

any update? (still available, includes or doesn’t include ring kit, etc)

Sorry, it’s sold.

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