New kits available for sale in NOVEMBER!

Hi everyone!

We would like to announce, we will have complete kits available for sale in November.
I was fortunate enough to buy an original kit from Bar a few months ago, and since that, we been playing, tweaking, and making amazing things with it.
When bar reached out to the community for self supplied kits, we decided to give it a try, and sourced the parts.
Now we are at the point that we need to share it to the community.
We believe Bar created an amazing yet affordable cnc machine, and lead the way for a growing community to keep improving, sharing and creating beautiful things together.
We share the Bar’s motto of making large format CNC technology available to everyone.
Our focus is to provide kits and keep working together to improve them, but also keep it simple and affordable as we believe it was the original idea.

Check it out at and please let us know what you like or not :slight_smile:


Looks good guys! Great work.

Thank you

Awesome! I’m happy to see others continuing the project!

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Thank you guys, we’ll do our best :slight_smile:

there’s really no reason to offer both the old and new motor controller is there? Pretty sure everyone is going to want the new motor shield which is a better design? If anything I would charge more for the improved motor shield.


Hi aluminumwelder.
My perception is that not everyone has problems with the original shield, out of probably thousands sold, we only hear from the ones having problems with it.
We just want to give the option of picking the shield they prefer, then will learn from it, and decide if we will keep producing it. Who knows? we just going to go with the flow :slight_smile:
The kits will sell for $479 with either shield, and also free shipping to the lower 48, international shipping will be quoted accordingly.

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yes the old controller boards work for many people, but the safety margin of the new boards is just so much better (they won’t blow themselves up if the heatsink comes off) that I don’t think you should offer both.

Anyone who knows enough to understand the difference is going to want the new one, the old one is an ‘attractive nuisance’

Looks like your site still says coming soon. Still planning on November?

Yes, already have all the parts for the kits, we just haven’t had the time to put the kits together, they will be up for sale soon.

New shields TLE5206 for sale now!

Thanks! Still days coming soon though

If you are in a hurry, I can put one kit together for you and ship it next Monday.

been waiting for a while would be nice

Sorry for the waiting, unfortunately we are super busy (we both are small business owners) and cannot find the time to box them right now.
However we are trying our best, and probably will have the time in a few days :slight_smile:

Hi 2 cents, It’s the Dingo bitch here. I’m sorry to jump on your page uninvited but it’s kind of what I do. I really appreciate your reply to my post it was very helpful. I can’t respond to you on my page because i’ve got a limited response blocker. The human pet says hi too.
And thank you for not talking down to me like i’m a stupid Dingo. We are on 46 acres of farmland in outback Australia. There are plenty of rabbits to chase and there is also plenty of room here to build a plane with my new super duper cnc machine from MaslowCnc. I should probably get around to ordering that sometime.
The plan so far is to get him his VFR with a homebuilt Osprey. The Osprey bits and bobs are being sourced and I’m looking at 6500 usd plus about another 2000 USD will cover the cost of the build. I understand the range of the Osprey will be limited to 800 kilometers and that is not enough to visit you in Kalamazoo. The folks at Osprey said I could crank up the range to 1100 kms if I toss the human and replace him with fuel. Tempting but it’s too difficult to fly long without a copilot. It’s a brilliant idea of yours to use the local country flying club where i live, with my own plane, which I can rent out to my human pet. Hey a Dingo’s got to eat. We can also get the IFR here using the Osprey with an upgraded flight panel. Your ideas for savings were not considered by me. My human may have thought about it but i can only understand him when he barks but I hate it when he whimpers though.
As for endurance training I will just have to stay of the cheesy treats for a while before we embark on a long trip. I am currently endurance training my human by barking through the night and sleeping through the day. There’s plenty of spots to take off and land an amphibious aircraft here because we live near the Murray river at one end and his kids live at the other end. Its always good fun biting his kids. We have a truck to load the plane onto and a boat ramp to launch it 5 minutes away. So there are airports gallor for learning to fly without tower controllers to question the ability of a Dingo to fly. ‘Is that a bird, a plane or a Dingo’?
As for endurance flying, the ez has a range of over 3000 kms and that will cover any ocean crossing that i will need to make. Apparently it flies well in the rough. The 1700 kms from Hobart Tasmania to Invercargill New Zealand will be probably the roughest flying that an ez has ever seen with Invercargill being located in fortieth parallel. My human can do the first trip by himself to see how he goes while I stay with his daughter. The ez does have a long distance pedigree ’ In 1997, [Dick Rutan] and [Mike Melvill] flew two Rutan Long-EZ aircraft that they had built, side-by-side around the world. This “around the world in 80 nights” flight was called The Spirit of [EAA] Friendship World Tour, and some legs of it lasted for over 14 hours.’
Politics is always changing and ground to air missile tech is always getting better, so another route may be required.
Ozone is always a lot of fun and meaty treats but a little of this and a little of that for the long trips will add a bit more weight. I think i saw a luggage pod upgrade for the ez which requires more calculations for the added drag to work out the range reduction amount or we can just build something with similar handling and range like the Eracer
This has a lot of space as well. The fun is in the journey, the arriving is just a nice pawshake and a bowl of meaty treats.
I have been watching my human pet playing a flight simulation game called fsx by microsoft. Is it worth him getting the Long-ez plane upgrade or are these simulators a waste of time?
Stay Tuned for the next instalment called,
‘Indi The First Dingo Bitch On The Moon.’

This is great. The more Maslows out there, the bigger the community gets.

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Please disregard what i’ve said about flight training, i thought your pet were here in US. I have no clue about flight training or regulations in Australia.

I’m used to fly GA (mostly cessna and pipers…) with an aprox average max range of 600 nm, It never crossed my mind that those home built were capable of double or quadruple the range… but on second thought, why not? I’ve researched some of the home built you mentioned, and their numbers are impressive!

Although is possible to make the crossing (per endurance), your human will be flying very low and slow, heavy head winds will reduce his GS drastically, and icing will be his biggest concern, specially if can’t go higher, I guess he will need to pick the perfect weather window.

I personally believe simulators are a great addition to real flight training, repetition is the mother of learning, your human will be able to re-practice what he just learn airborne, endless times, without the added cost of real flying. It will definitely help him mastering the basic maneuvers, also very good to practice instrument flying.

Put that MaslowCNC to good use! Gab.

Hi Gab,

I’ll attach the image of my new VTOL Model,

This is just brilliant,