Maslow Orders Open **1/2 Update Inside** SHIPPING NOW!

My name is Chris from MakerMade CNC and we have opened pre-orders for the standard Maslow kits on our site

These are the same exact kits that Bar sells. He helped us get set up with all the distributors so we could make this happen.

Our pre-order price is $499 with a z-axis kit. I know that is a tad higher than Bar’s prices, but our initial run didn’t have high enough quantities to secure some of the manufacturing rates that Bar has in the past.

We are on pace for December ship dates for US and International.

The first 150 pre-orders will receive free shipping no matter where you are located!

The kit will include the following:
Regular Maslow CNC kit
Ring Kit
Z-Axis Kit
USB drive with all firmware and software needed, plus some projects to get you started

I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone and answering any questions you might have.


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Does the kit include the Rigid Router as well?

Not at that price, it is exactly the same parts that Bar has been shipping.

David Lang


Unfortunately it does not. The classic kit includes the standard Maslow kit with the ring and a Z-axis kit.

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Congratulations on your announcement, it is great to see the torch picked up and run with. Welcome. Will you be selling kits only or will parts be available too?


What else is needed (other than the router and wood ) after getting the kit? I just want to be sure.

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A lot of people were waiting for this moment :slight_smile: Will you also sell spares (like motors and ring) separately?

Good luck!


Hey all, this is Patrick, I’m partnering with Chris on this launch! First off, yes we absolutely plan to sell spare parts once things get rolling. Right now, we’re working with our sourcing team on the ground, at the factories getting everything restarted. Bar (of course) has been fantastic in supporting MakerMade, and we’re making sure everything is exactly the way you’d expect from Maslow, or the next gen up.

Please bear with us while we get rolling, finalize the site, etc. That said, if you’re looking for a kit we are taking pre-orders right now, with free shipping and z-axis for $499 at Components are next in line


You will need
$10 to $20 1/4" shank router bits for cutting
$50 shop vac to clean up the dust
$100 worth of lumber and plywood to make the frame
$190 ridged router
$100 windows/mac/Linux computer
so figure another $300 to $400.
Many people already have a computer they can use.
Many hours learning software
see this thread for a more comprehensive list that includes safety items like fire extinguishers


Got our QA samples of the motors this week. These are supposed to have a stronger gear inside of them than the previous maslow motors. Going to do some test cuts with each to make sure everything functions properly, then they can start boxing up our order!


We have now opened a second option for pre-ordering. This is a partial deposit of $200 and will secure your kit when they are ready to ship. This option will not include free shipping like the full price pre-order does but it will allow you to reserve a kit for much less up front cost. Once the shipping dates are locked in, we will send you an invoice for the remaining balance plus shipping.

This option was added based on feedback we have received about the current pre-order cost. As stated in previous posts, the pre-order funds are placed in reserves and can be refunded if you change your mind before shipping has been arranged for your kit.

We will have some update pictures to share with everyone in the next couple days!


Woke up to an exciting email from TJ this morning. MOTORS are ready!! The first pictures are the motors laid out at the factory and then the pallets of sealed cases when TJ picked them up. The last pictures are the fiber laser mockups where we will be engraving the maker made logo on the motors next. We felt this would help keep our orders separate from kits Bar produced in the event of component failure.


We have also added a USB flash drive with all of the firmware and software needed to get you up and running.

We will also be including the SVG files to cut the final sled, as well as some sample projects to get you started!

Here’s a preliminary design for our USB drive. (We know that cap is going to get lost :slight_smile: working on a revision to eliminate it as we speak)


Thanks for sharing this @aluminumwelder!


Just got off a call with TJ and they are engraving all of our motors today! (China today, US tonight)
Here’s some pictures of a couple finished ones.


Because we are a direct ship operation, using flat rate boxes isn’t really an option. So we will be shipping in our own Maker Made CNC boxes. Here’s a picture of the box. Leads times are crazy short for boxes, so these will be done in a matter of days.


Just a quick update.

We only have 50 pre-oreders that come with worldwide free shipping remaining!!

We still have plenty of $200 partial deposits available if anyone isn’t ready to put down the entire amount.

Also, make sure you check back on this thread this week. Expecting to have some exciting pictures to share!


Is the coupler for the fine adjustment shaft the one that works for the Ridgid R22002 router?

Yes. We are packaging with the 5*8mm coupler.