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New Sleds **BETA Testers Needed** Inquire Within



I was assuming that there would be other weights if needed


Full disclosure, I’m a HDPE Piping Engineer… I’m using 1" thick x 18" round HDPE sled (density of the HDPE is ~0.96). Slurry piping in mines (gold, copper, etc) are HDPE due to the abrasion resistance so I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing the sled out for a very long time.


I talked to a uhmw company and the engineer there said 1/32" would be fine for this application.


How will you hold something that thin in place?


double sided tape made especially for polyethelene.


UHMW and Nylon sheets have finally arrived.

Will be uploading some concept files here for review before getting everything cut.


Let’s see if we can get this rolling this week.

@aluminumwelder, you lay out your ideal sled you want to test

@blurfl, do you have a design you want to try out?

@dlang, what’s your ideal setup?

Once we get these designs locked in, I’ll make one of each for everyone and the bake-off can begin.

Thoughts, suggestions, feedback?


I vote Stop Sign shape - it has worked the best for me.

I’d like to see 2 water weight vessels on the sled to allow balancing.

Thank you


ideally I think you want as small a sled as possible that will still fit a ring or lnkage kit. no need to support both IMHO.
12" to 16" diameter would be good
you can also offset the center hole so the router is not in the center but towards the top, that way the sled will automatically be weighted towards the no extra weights are needed.

there is a tendency in this group to want to make everything universal, which over complicates things. your average user just wants it to work. they are not going to be changing sleds and gear, they will just stick with one system that works IMHO. if they are locked into using one router and a certain linkage ring kit that is fine.