Cutting Corners 5 Minute Sled

Bumble Bees aren’t supposed to fly either …

Let me explain how I come up with these names. My Garage is 1/2 block away from my house. Just about everything I do I have to make at least 3 trips. So if after 6 trips 3 to make it and 3 to put it back, with stopping to take pictures it takes 10 minutes. I cut it in half.

OK - now the build. Using a 30 x 30 inch sheet I had left over to make a sled from the 80/60 build, I made a quick sled. I started by making a 17 inch square.

I then put diagonals across the corners to locate the center. I then measured in 4.25 inches from the corners to put diagonals for my cuts.

I then cut out the 17 inch square, followed by the diagonals to cut off the corners.

The router will mount on the back “rought” side.

I then traced a rough circle I will sand the edges to remove material to allow this to be close to a circle it will be riding on. I will rub it down after sanding with bees wax, you could substitute bar soap.

I still need to drill the Center Hole with a hole saw.

I think this gets the point across. Fast, cheap, easy. Sounds like dating in my 20’s.


Thank you


you have a router, why buy a hole saw kit?

the hole in the center doesn’t need to be accurate, it just needs to clear the business end of the router and leave enough material for the mounting holes.


I really feel that there’s a need for an ‘ugly build’ video, how badly can a machine be constructed and still be good :slight_smile:


I think I might excel at that - LOL


The Maslow Lemon’s Build Race!

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OMG That is Awesome

Thank you

PS. You can’t write HTML jokes in an HTLM editor :frowning:

But a screen capture will work -

Does it still have the $500 claim rule?

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I own that movie. Your pushing my buttons. I had a how to use a milk crate and zipties build of a desktop PC before there was an inventables.

Thank you

Sled Progress …

Sanded edges

transferring hole pattern
On the Masow
prep bricks, I couldn’t find holly bricks so I made some!

complete with Bungie Cap
I added a nail hole at the top of my frame to “park” my sled when not in use.

Thank you


I like that idea!