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New to Maslow and CNC, run away motor?

I have the frame built and I just got the electronics yesterday - Im excited to get started.
I have the motors mounted now and the Arduino programmed. It looks to be correctly connected with my RPi (using webcontrol), but when i power on the arduino one of the motors just continuously runs.
Im not sure what to check on or what to look at and Ive tried going through the instructions/directions a few times.
Ive looked through some of posts here really come across anything that has helped me.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Ok. I think I figured part of it out.
I bought my electronics kit from EastBaySource and it looks like they had their own firmware.
Loaded on the v1.26b (from EastBaySource) and it looks like the motors function fine now.


You need 51.29 if you do webcontrol holey firmware because the shield is just different enough.

What does the holey firmware do?
And will it mess with the motors?

holey firmware uses a method of calibration with 6 holes that you measure between. It will not mess with the motors, but if you use the wrong version of firmware, you motors may not work correctly. With 1.26b, you can use the standard triangular calibration, measure the distance between them as instructed, input that and you should be good to go.

Do I just go to ‘Actions -> Upgrade Holey Firmware’ from webcontrol? Or do I need to manually install it first?

Push the button. It does it for you. It will not work with an eastbay board though, so be certain. If it does not work, you can use the other button to put it at the current firmware.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

51.29 should work. I can get you the hex file and you copy it to the webcontro/firmware/holey folder and restart webcontrol and then the button will update with the right firmware number and it will flash when you press it. You could try it and let me know if it works?

Sure. I can try that.

Will I need to re-calibrate when I load the new firmware?

yes. the new firmware will change the stored memory on the arduino that keeps track of position, so it will likely not know where it is. calibration is done with the hole drilling sequence followed by measurement and then submitting the numbers. Your reset chain process is the same. there is a youtube video on the holey calibration process if you have not yet seen it.

I couldnt get through the calibration process. As soon as I start the ‘Set Sprocket & Chains’ it just throws an error that the sled cant keep up and constantly winds the z axis. ‘Stop’ doesnt seem to do anything either.

please send me a picture of your control board.

Sorry it did not work. This is one of the hazards of beta testing. I don’t have that shield so i cannot test it. Thanks for trying it out and for the picture. To get functional use back, you will need eastbays 1.26b firmware and do triangular calibration. I’ll see if the board z axis encoders are wired differently, which could cause the z axis spinning. I attempted to merge eastbays source with the 51.28 source, but I must have missed something. The sled not keeping up error may be related to that. I’ll get you an updated version once I get the pin assignment sorted out. Thanks for reporting back.

when you start webcontrol, can you see the serial response from the arduino in the browser window? can you tell me what the board identified as? Perhaps something like this in the lower right of the browser window:
I would expect yours to identify as 1.5. It won’t say TB6643, but I just fixed that, so it should. I have the pin assignments as they are in the Easbay firmware, so it is something else. If you can tell me what it shows, that would help.


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Im currently running the 1.26b from EastBay and this is the message:
Connected on port /dev/ttyACM0
PCB v1.5 Detected
Grbl v1.00

I downloaded the 51.29a just now. I’ll give that a go in the morning and let you know.

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Running the 0.95 Beta webcontrol, copied the 51.29b into the holey folder.
When I click ‘Upgrade Holey’ firmware (which shows 51.29b) I get this error:

/webcontrol/tools/avrdude: not found

Hmmm. I need to look into that. Thanks for the feedback. If you want to flash it and you are using windows, you can use AVRdudeGUI.