New to Maslow and CNC. What bits do I need to start?

I just received my Metal Maslow kit, starting to assemble the sled and build my frame which I’ve found enough information about here on the forum. However I haven’t found a good recommendation for what bits I should start with. Planning on cutting plywood and MDF to start, outlines and some hollowing out of areas for epoxy fill.

A good V-bit (30, 60 90) would help to ensure you can get crisp corners. For your pocket cutting, I would recommend a 1/4" single (0) flute upcut, and a 1/8" single flute upcut to get started would help you out tremendously in what you have said your intentions are. Those are the main ones I use for pretty much the same projects.

Edit: as for quality of cut, get your Router RPM and the feed rate matched up, and you should get really decent cuts in your material.


Generally that means run the router as slow as it will go since routers tend to run on the fast side

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SpeTool Single Flute (O Flute) Spiral End Mill Aluminum Cutter Carbide Router 1 inch Cutting Length with 1/4Inch Shank for Aluminum Acrylic PVC MDF Plastic

These are my go-to bits. I cut 3/4 MDF and 3/4 plywood and they perform great, and leave really nice edges. I’ve recently cut 3/4 polycarbonate with them too and was impressed with the edge it left not being a melted mess.


That is the same one that I use, as well I picked up the 1/8" one they have as well (1/4’ shank)! They work really really well!