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New to maslow group ,setting up

Finished building frame ,
I have the jumpstart kit and also upgraded to m2 kit.
Printed off both builds .
To further my project I should be using the m2 build guide now ?
Taking steps slowly, as to not mess up .

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I don’t have any direct experience, but my guess is that the M2 instructions are what you want.

If you have questions about any particular step I bet we can help. Pictures make it easier for us to know what is going on.

if you have the frame built and your sled is assembled, you need to wire up the electonics and get makerverse and calibrate (video link in the linked forum wiki post).

Thanks ,I did get it together ,I used both instructions .
The only problem I really had was mounting the z axis sled on the pre-made wooden maslow plate, i didn’t get the blue one in the upgrade kit ,not sure how to post pics here ,don’t see an option .
I will start the calibration in a few days.

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to put a picture on here, in windows, use SHIFT+WINDOWS KEY + S and draw around the photo area. It automatically goes on the clip board. Then click into the forum editor box and CTRL+V to paste -> boom picture. As a new forum contributor you may be blocked from posting photos until you get enough likes. I liked both your posts, so hopefully that will help. The how to cut/paste instructions may have been a waste of your time to read…

I kind of figured it is because I am new and takes a few posts

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a few more and it should let you. I forget what the requirement is.

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