Getting Started - Training Wheels for Noobs

I’ve been reading the forums, my Kit came today. I will work on putting it all together soon. I’ve been reviewing the steps and I’m finding holes. There is nothing on how to mount the electronics. I can’t see anything telling me how to deal with Z while cutting the final parts. I do have the Z Axis, I wasn’t going to install it until I had the final sled cut.

I’m new to the Maslow - I have several 3D printers, Laser Cutters, & CNC routers. I feel many have short comings for beginners. I’d like to see a section devoted and updated to show current Unboxing to Final Frame steps.

I’d like to see a flow chart on getting the Maslow up, it would need to fork for - I have Z axis & I don’t have Z axis.

Also from the moment I saw the Maslow build instructions I had a pay it forward idea. For me I’d love to start with a Final Sled rather than a temporary. If you are remote and don’t have a way to receive things then it makes perfect sense to have this step. However I would be willing to cut an Extra “Final Sled” and mail it to the next new user that wants to start this way as long as they are willing to do the same. The idea is that users that have a functional unit would cut a final sled and ship it to the next person.

I hope these are seen as constructive input. I recognize there are plenty of people much smarter than me here and I respect the work that has been done.



Great points you raised and the community thrives from Feedback like this. (The wiki also)
One idea of the Maslow was and is, that it would be able to cut itself a frame and a sled.

But at no point you are stuck to it.
I could not wait from ordering till delivery, so build both in advance.
For the sled I used a router with a primitive circular jig, basically a steel rod with a nail pin.
I also opted for a frame with adjustable angle.
If your CNC-router is wide enough, you could make the sled on that and with a far higher precision as you can cut it on the temporary frame, including all the holes for mounting.

The smart guys here are those that have started this thing and those that they could get onboard, updating the Firmware and GroundGontrol every week. The rest of us contributes with creativity and testing whatever was programmed.
Thank you for the suggestions making it easier to understand and I hope to see some pictures of your setup soon.


The temporary sled doesn’t have to be round. As long as you put the chain mounts in the correct spot you should be ok to get started with a square sheet of wood an a hole in the right spot.

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There’s no “set” way to do this, but there are small white nylon spacers that come in the (small?) hardware bag that I think are meant to serve as standoffs and you screw the mega into the back of the frame. Probably could also hot glue or ziptie it in place. I’ve seen someone cut a small mount on their machine. Personally, I opted to 3D print an enclosure for the electronics, which also mounts a 80mm computer fan to it. That way, I had some cooling for the motor controllers.

There is an option in Ground Control which enables the Z-axis. When this is disabled, it will prompt you every time the program changes Z heights and you can go to your router and set the depth yourself.

I did the same when I set mine up, just wanted to save some time. White it is not necessary to get cutting, the kit really helps with accuracy. I have a couple of deep groves cut in my spoilboard from cutting my “final” sled from me setting the final depth too far through the part.

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Thank you all for the input and support. I will endeavor to keep posting. Yesterday was about house keeping to make room to build the temporary frame. I just wanted to say thanks again.


It’s going to be a long weekend. My beginning router bit - scheduled by UPS from Friday - next Monday :frowning: I have everything cut to length just waiting to put it together in my driveway and fire it up. I guess I can work on learning my Shapoko3 until then.