Metal Maslow 2021 kit

Received my Metal Maslow 2021 kit. Assembling today.

I had been scouring these forums for days on assembly instructions - if they are out there I have not come across them - figured I would just jump in a give it the college try.

Hit my first snags -

  1. The 4 screw holes on the clamp do not align with the carriage/gantry - can I just make them larger to fit - worried this will affect the z axis alignment/accuracy - maybe just leave out the misaligned screw?

  2. One of the three pin wire sets has the yellow wire severed - is that intentional or should I reconnect?

  3. Am I supposed to counter sink all the through-sled screws on the underside of the sled or do they stay proud - in which case am I missing the UDPE tube around the edge?

  4. The (2) 3 x 3 1/2" bent plate with a hole in each - what are they for - where do they go - I cannot seem to find a matching bolt pattern or find a picture of it online?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I responded to your email.
Basically the 20201 kits use the ring mechanism instead of the linkage arms.
basically all 3 kits offered by the 3 companies selling these kits are now the same mechanically.