New to this...need help!

Complete beginner to CNC…

So I just bought my Maslow but haven’t received it yet and, I wanted to get a jumpstart on creating projects. I just downloaded fusion 360 and I’d like to cut out a picture of the state of Indiana but I don’t really want to draw/trace it myself. Is there a way to do that?


Download an image from the internet. Use Inkscapes trace bitmap function.

*Edit: I believe there are tutorials somewhere in the forums. I would search inkscape or trace bitmap maybe. Otherwise Google inkscape trace bitmap for a tutorial.

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I’m not one to reinvent wheels, so I’m not advocating this for your purpose (and BTW thanks, @Gero for finding that). But what I have found works pretty well when there isn’t a vector drawing available is to import the drawing into Inkscape. Put it into its own layer. Then create a separate layer for drawing. Use the bezier drawing tool. The trick with that tool is that if you click from point to point, you get straight line segments. If you click-drag-release-drag-click-drag, you create control handles which can be moved to change the shape of the bezier curve near the points. Use the layer opacity settings to hide the original drawing when you don’t need it.

Hope this helps someone. If you have problems, there are lots of video tutorials out there, and of course the forums here.


I’ve used similar methods in LibreCAD, using layering to create a set of guidelines on one layer, and then using those as templates for creating the lines for the actual cut on another layer.

This was a method i was using for creating designs for use with a laser-cutter.

I haven’t tried Fusion360 yet.