Newbie? Am I in over my head?

I just stumbled upon the video on YouTube about this DIY Maslow. Now I have a bit of knowledge about computers but,
no knowledge of the language to run a CNC machine. My question to all is can I buy a kit and if so am I’m going to get in
over my head and end up with a box of parts I have no idea how to use. Also, the plans for the base and arms, do they come with it? Im green ladies and gentlemen so please be kind. Im still in the using a jigsaw stage lol

Welcome @jamieschillin!

You’ll get a better answer from someone else as to how user friendly the machine is right now, but our goal is to make the machine as easy to build and forgiving as possible. We’re constantly improving the ease of use based on community feedback so if you do start to build one, and feel in over your head we would love to hear exactly which parts are tough so that we can make them simpler and more clear

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Wow that makes complete sense. I did finally find the page with the actual size dementions for rack. The arms that the prototype has are very different then just screwed in 2x4’s…was the prototype found to be overkill? Ty for your reply Bar!

the prototype was more work to make and weaker, thus the change (and we have
other frame designs that we think are better still, if not as pretty)

David Lang

@jamieschillin Welcome,

Right now, the answer is no. There is a 1$ waiting list. If sales open again you can put yourself in line. Others on this forum are trying to source their parts elsewhere and discussing their findings.

No, from my experience, this is the greatest online community that I’ve joined in a lifetime. There are no stupid questions and you will always find a helping hand. The Wiki pages on Github are getting better almost daily.

How to install the program to upload the firmware to the Arduino Mega and how to install GroudControl to run the Maslow, are not too big challenges. The bigger learning curve will be the workflow you decide on to get to the cutting file. So CAD for designing what you want an CAM to create the file that the Maslow will use to cut. Do not expect to find much ready made cut files. Anyhow it is more fun to cut something you designed or modified yourself. On the wiki pages you can find the software list (commercial and free) used by the folks here.


Ty David. Are these other frames available to peak at? One other question I have is some of my designs go out to and use the edge of the 4x8 sheet. Will the router cut at the edge? I think my concern is the computer adjustments to get it to run clean. I’m not technically savie when it comes to CNC programming?

take a look at: