Maslow build complete - please check my numbers

I finally got my Maslow up and running after having to wait all week. I have a few questions after playing with it for a few hours (I wish I had gone with a smaller first cut pattern - 3400 lines of g-code and ran it 1.5 times with some mishaps).
I did have an issue or 2 with my z-axis popping loose or not moving, I think I fixed that with some silicone lube on spindle and holder (Ridgid R22002). Home is off by a half inch side to side and about 1/4 inch up and down.
Here are my calibration numbers.
GC version 1.20
Motor to top of plywood - 440mm (measured with tape)
distance between motors - 2989.14mm (was by myself and could not put a tape on it)
calibration cuts
1-2 1910mm (measured with tape)
3-4 1907mm (measured with tape)
5 to top of sheet 234 (measured with tape)
vertical motor offset 4.15 (computer result)
rotational radius 123.7 (computer result)
chain sag correction 39.206353 (computer result)

Please let me know if any of these numbers look way off or if you have any suggestions.

Thank you

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vertical offset of only 4 inches seems wrong

also, rottion radius of 123 seems small

David Lang