Minor calibration and prescision issues

Good Morning Everyone,

I received my Maslow recently and I would like to start and say that I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of my experience with my Maslow. from opening the box, to constructing the frame, working with calibrating the machine. its just so friggen’ cool!

I have had some difficulty, however, getting my Maslow to calibrate up to a sufficient precision as to make circles look like circles and squares look like squares.

My experience is as follows, i went through the whole calibration process 3 times now. each time my circles look like ellipses and my squares look like trapezoids. i have even went as far as modifying the distance between the motors and the mounting points. when the machine measures those distances the measurements do not appear to be realistic measurements and just the numbers the machine comes up with.

distance between motors measured by the machine came out to 2989mm
distance that i measured manually came out to roughly 3003 mm

distance between motor mounts on the sled measured by the machine was 7 inches
manual measurement was more like 8.75 inches

I changed those measurements in the software to the manual measurements and then calibrated the horizontal marks and the vertical marks in step 8 of the machine calibration (i think its step 8). i was then able to get the best prints yet, and finally got my final sled cut out. still looks like an ellipse but its the closest its been up this point.
I did add the bricks to my temp sled in order to get the prints to come out a bit better. I did this by using a hammer drill,and drilling a small hole through each of the bricks which then allowed me to attach the bricks to the sled. it seemed to help quite a bit.

should i just keep playing with the numbers till i get precise cuts? or am i doing something wrong

one thing about my setup, the left motor is 3/8 in. higher than the right motor. not sure if this matters, also my temp frame was not sturdy enough to do much with so, I took some of the extra 2x4s that i bought, turned them perpendicular to the plywood surface and fastened them to the plywood to straighten the warp that was present naturally in the plywood. i did this in both the vertical and horizontal planes of the plywood. the arms holding the motors are fastened very well and do not have much visible flex.

I know that everyone setting their Maslows up have been having some of these same issues and any help would be appreciated.

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Good morning @jcourrier!

It sounds like everything you are doing is on the right track. When you are playing with the values I recommend taking a look at the simulator in Ground Control (Actions -> Advanced -> Simulator). It will let you play around with seeing how changing one measurement will effect the way the way parts will cut and inform which dimensions to change. I also cannot recommend the linkage kits highly enough. They reduce the number of variables in the calibration process which makes it substantially easier to do.


Thanks for the advice bar!

I have had a linkage kit on order since the 12th of October but for some reason have not received it. I received an email on the 26th of October about back ordered parts but I fear my order may have fallen through the crack. I sent an email on Wednesday so I’m sure I receive a reply soon.

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Just to assure you, no orders have fallen through the cracks, at all. I am still a little behind in shipping but I’m catching up pretty fast. When you messaged me you were literally number 4 on the list. I’ve been sending them out in batches of about 20 in chronological order; your kit is packaged up and going out as soon as USPS opens again on Monday.
I’m sorry for being late with it, aside from the backordered parts setback (which have arrived) I’m trying to balance family, work, sleep, and making linkage kits. I’m doing the best I can, I appreciate your patience!

I’m sorry for any confusion, did you not get my messages on Etsy?


I did get your messages on Etcy! thank you very much for getting me the order as quickly as you can. I know finding balance in life can be tough, and peoples expectations can be even more overwhelming. I apologize for putting any undue pressure on you.

Ive only just started working on my Maslow but i am very satisfied with the precision of the cuts, but if improvements can be made on what seems to be already fairly precise, machine, That makes me very excited!