Newbie, new setup, lessons learned

First of all big thankyou to Hanna, Bar and all the contributors, it is amazing what even someone like me can do with what you have all created.

I thought I was pretty slick until I tried to cut my final sled out last night and the Z axis hung after the first drill operation, smoke sparks and lots of profanity. I had completely forgot about the recommendation to put spring tension on the top of the router to take out the play in the ridgid system.

Regrouped tonight, re-zero’d, Mac Gyvered a spring tensioner for the router and got the final sled cut out. I modified the file to add tabs but it was useless as I am using 23/32 plywood and I set the depth of cut to .75" and the tab height and width to .25, add in a litte off on zero and your tabs get cut off or are just too small to work. Must remember to make the tabs a little longer and add on the depth of the overcut to the height of the tabs.

I feel like a dummy but I’m really excited about getting to know the proces and machine better and where it will lead me. What an adventure.


Most of us have felt the same way at some point. Maybe we should write up something about tabs with diagrams because that’s something I had a problem with early on as well.


As a rule of thumb in Makercam I use twice the tab width of the diameter of the tool being used, so 1/4 inch bit (.250) you set up for 1/5 inch (.500) width of tab.

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I think it would be very helpful for new users. A solid solution for the slop in the Ridgid router height adjustment mechanism as well as addressing it in the instructions would also be a big help for the uninitiated.

I think I need a checklist before hitting the go button!

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Propose changes to the instructions page!!!


From a diagrammatic perspective, how does this read… and is it correct?


Looks right to me, nice work!