The... uh... orange tab thing, on the Rigid

Everyone prepare for the most uninformed post yet on this forum:

I just got past calibration, and am trying to cut my final sled. I’ve got The Rigid Router™ and the Z-axis kit. With the bit set just above the cutting surface, the orange tab thing on the threaded screw thing is all the way up away from the cutting surface. I’ve seen people mention that it should be in the middle of that screw, but that’s not possible as far as I know, since that orange tab thing needs to lock into the router body, which is a variable I cannot adjust. The only way to do that would be to use a much shorter bit. Mine is 2.5 inches long:

Ok, so I guess I can adjust that variable by getting a shorter bit. Is that the solution?

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Push in on the button end of the orange tab to disengage it from the threaded rod, and you can slide the traveler up or down. You’ll probably need to unlatch the router clamp, and it can be difficult (but possible) to get it to move when the router body is in the base.
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Are you saying that with the bit zero’ed out to the cutting surface, the orange tab is engaged in the router slot and the tab is all the way to the top of the screw “thing”? It does seem high if so. The router spec is a 2 inch travel and even if only 1/2-inch of the 2&1/2 inch bit is installed in the collet, the end of the bit should be at the bottom of the router rather than the bottom of the sled. If using 3/4-inch plywood, you should have 3/4-inches left on the z-axis. Make sure the orange tab is actually engaged with the router.

actually, you are better off having it well away from the wood, as long as you
g-code doesn’t instruct the machine to move the bit even higher.

the other option to getting a shorter bit is to move the router base away from
the workpiece (i.e. a thicker sled)

Soooo this was all the result of me being a total idiot. I had the collet upside-down, which wasn’t allowing me to slide the bit in far enough. Bit is now way in, traveler is now in the center, and after 5 days of struggles (chains popping off during tighten and measure), my final sled is cut and I am googling the hell out of projects to make (to add to the ones I already want to make).

Thanks to everyone who replied here and helped me realize that I must have had something even more wrong than I suspected.


I know this is old, and I’m sorry for bumping it, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this forum since my maslow is at my shop, which is 10 miles away, and I’m reading up on everything, and learning in my ‘off time’. But something about this post made me think I was adjusting my bit wrong. So, my question is this… I’m using the Freud Diablo upcut bit from home depot. Here How far should this bit be protruding from my router exactly? I use the Ridgid R22002 that’s recommended. I thought I was on point with my bit, but now I’m not so sure I have it at the right depth haha