Should I add tabs to the final sled?

Just finished building everything, and am getting ready to cut the final sled. I’ve been using the instructions from Makermade, and have run into a few snags along the way that I’ve worked out. Couldn’t get to work, but found and that seems to work fine. There’s no mention of using tabs in the instructions, but it seems like maybe they would be needed. I generated the gcode and ran the file on a 1" thick foamboard to test and everything looked good, just not sure if I should add tabs for the real cut on plywood.

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Tabs should always be added. You don’t want a part to fall while the bit is still cutting.

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That’s what I figured, thanks very much for the confirmation. Looking forward to finishing the build and getting started on some projects. I’ve learned a ton from reading the posts here, this community is incredible. Thanks again.

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I’m in a “don’t do it mood” tonight, sorry.
What you should not do is:

  • in your CAD/CAM workflow determine places for screws that the bit can never reach.
  • put screws where the bit will not reach. Good to cut without tabs,
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I will heed your advice on those things NOT to do. But if I were to do those things, I would have to do them on 4th of July coming up, because the sparks produced when the unreachable screw is reached by the bit might be appropriate only on that day of the year… :grin:

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That said, one of my router bits has a notch in it from hitting an unreachable screw. No sparks, and the screw had a nice arc cut in the head. I was only off by .05"…