Newer Stock Maslow Frame Design

Place holder for the walk through for whatever design is the new “standard build”

Here are my thoughts on a Stock Frame

A) It should be easy to build with hand tools, no special tools required.

B) It should be able to wok with sheet material up to 3/4 inch (29 mm), Beyond that should be considered an Advanced System.

C) The parts the user supplies, sheet and stick lumber, should be available at big box stores AKA what we in the US call Lowes and Home Depot. Overnight shipping on the internet doesn’t count. I know many people that can’t buy off the net for different reasons.

D) It should be reasonable fast to build. When I did my temp frame build I think it took like 5 hrs, I was documenting heavily. I don’t think it should take longer than a day to make.

E) You are free to change anything in any way you see fit. It’s yours so why not.

Thank you

A one day frame build would be great. I’d even be satisfied with it being a weekend build at a non-breakneck pace.

see my design at -

I’m not competing for the Stock Frame Design, I’m as @bar said "minimalist’.

My goal is 0-60 in a day with time for lunch and calibration. Same day play.

Thank you