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I just saw a youtube video that mentioned some license changes e.g. all designs are now license (unclear what license) automatically, and perhaps more importantly, seemed to suggest that kirimoto and similar will now need a paid license to onshape? Is anyone else more expert in this and knows what it means e.g. for the current maslow files that are stored in onshape, and for using it to design and making cut files going forwards?



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Don’t know about that, but I started reading the new terms of service (which is a long document of dense legalese). One of the things to which I object is that if you are using OnShape for anything commercial, you must pay for a subscription. Most of what I do is non-commercial, but I can’t guarantee that something I make won’t someday make me some money. I probably guarantee that it will never make enough money to pay for a subscription to OnShape, though.

I know I could probably get away with continuing to use OnShape and never get caught in a violation, but that’s not how I roll. So OnShape is looking less and less like an option for me, which is a real shame because I really like OnShape’s features and work flow.

I was going to go onto the OnShape forums to express my displeasure with the changes, but you have to agree to the ToS to get onto the forums. OnShape has really turned their back to hobbyists and start-ups. I’m not sure if they are desperate to sell subscriptions or just greedy, but it’s not a good look for them.

according to the last newsletter maslow is transforming to a Cnc community, not necessarily a business to make money. so shouldn’t affect maslow IMHO.

True, but if I design something in OnShape for the Maslow, then decide it works so well I’m willing to offer them as kits to the community at cost, will they consider that commercial? The ToS gives them the power to decide these things. Even if there is an appeal, it’s through a binding arbitration clause, and arbitrators have been shown to favor the company overwhelmingly.

I have already lost work to OnShape’s previous policy changes. I’m not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt any more.

you’d have to ask a lawyer to be sure, but to me not for profit means not commercial.

Hey there. I’m the author of Kiri:Moto. I can’t speak for Onshape, but Kiri:Moto is open source and free to use. It runs inside of Onshape as a convenience for API access, but you can also get to it directly through the grid.space web site.

I usually handle support through the Facebook group or a Slack channel, both of which you can find at the bottom of the grid.space home page.

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thanks for commenting Stewart, is there a good demo that we can point people to
for using kiri:moto?

I’ve tried it but was beating my head against the wall and not doing especially

David Lang