Onshape and Kirimoto - impressed

I just ordered a 3d printer, so this isn’t really Maslow related per se, but it’s the software I will be using to make cut and print files.

I know precious little about using Onshape as I learned on AutoCAD and similar software many many moons ago. Last night I opened a file for a cooling fan assembly for my as of yet undelivered 3d printer. I opened Kirimoto and it allowed me to easily remove the parts I didn’t need, arrange the left over part and slice it. All of that within minutes.

I know I will need to tune the many values to get a good quality print, but that’s just a matter of (hopefully) going through the troubleshooting procedure and making adjustments.

We are living in an age of wonders. :smiley:


It bothers me how few people realise this, i got a freaking robot that mows my lawn, when i was a kid that would be a funny gag on the jetsons.