OnShape shows cutout, but CAM didn't cut the pocket out

I used OnShape to generate a sign with the number 3 on it. In OnShape it shows the 3 cut out but when I ran the gcode generated by kirimoto it didn’t cut the pocket out for the number 3.

I checked waterline, linear x and linear y in finishing on kirimoto. Also tried it with just waterline checked.

Any suggestions?

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I have not used OnShape or kirimoto so take this with a grain of salt, but is there a place to put in the diameter of the cutting tool? The result looks like it was expecting a slightly larger endmill than was used.

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I did enter 1/4 endmill in the tool part of the kirimoto. Thank you for your response…

I’m not familiar with Kiri:Moto, but the three looks like it was cut as an outline, rather than a pocket. Is there a place in the Kiri:Moto settings for that?


can you provide a link to the onshape document so we can look at it and clone it?


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I noticed in Kirimoto that under the output section there is a pocket box that could be checked…going to try that in a few minutes.

checking the pocket box in kirimoto resulted in the same cut as above

for what its worth, I’m just learning cnc but I had the same problem when testing cuts after my first calibration
I wanted to understand how all the inputs I gave would effect the cut, when I tested the pocket cuts I had changed the bit overlap settings to 0 and that’s the same cut it gave me, when I changed it to 40% pocket cut it came out good. don’t know if your program has that or not just trying to help for what its worth…


Thank you for your response. I am learning too and everything I am using is open source, so any help is greatly appreciated. I will look for that setting to see if it has a value


I too had difficulty cutting pockets. I am pretty sure it all came down to settings in Fusion 360 but it was very inconsistent.

I would thing a good resource for pockets might be the individual who made the beautiful sign that won project of the week this week.

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