OpenDesk files gone?

Hi there!

Anyone have the Edie set or Valovi chair files? I’ve just discover this thread now and the files already expired… :frowning:


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Is there anyway that I could bother you to post another link? We just setup our CNC and were looking forward to making several designs that are no longer available.

Pretty please with a cherry on top :smile:

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Please post another link?

Pretty pretty please?! :blush:

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Just tried OpenDesk and still can’t download anything.

@jonas could you provide an updated link?
Once I grab them, I can host them for others.

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Thanks @WoodCutter4 but apparently @abetusk doesn’t have everything that @jonas had.
That’s why I was asking @jonas specifically.

But thanks none the less!

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@jonas Any chance I can get that link? It was down when I got to it. Please and Thank you.

github is not very easy to figure out… I just want to download the DXF files and… I can’t figure it out.

All I want to do is download the dxf files but in order to I need to download the entire repository of unknown size? github is lame

right under the clone button there is the ability to download a zip of just the
current versions of all the files rather than the entire history.

David Lang

but when you go to the maslow folder that is not an option. I just want everything in the …\maslow\opendesk\ folder

there is a way to do that with the git protocol, lookkup a narrow clone (I don’t
have a good ref for it at the moment)

yes, git was not designed to be a generic filesystem, it was designed to hold
sets of changes. GitHub is ‘abusing’ it to be the backend of the wiki, and then
we are ‘abusing’ that to be the community garden.

it’s not surprising that this isn’t as good as you would like sometimes :slight_smile:

someone that knows github more than me helped me out and forked just the maslow stuff to their github thing…

@jonas Could you please send that link again ? I have missed to download it earlier. Thanks!

Please can you send us another link of those file ? I’ve missed it up both the times when you sent it. Thanks!

Im desperately looking for the canteen table DXF files and it’s hard to get them, that table is so cool and I want to give it a try for a first time on a CNC because its simple yet stylized design, i hope one of you guys can help

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Welcome to the Forum my Friend!
How is your Maslow running so far?

Kind regard, Gero

we forked the files from the original holder and cleaned up the Github repository so its not so massive when you download it.


Hello, do you think you can send me Roxanne chair files? Thanks a lot!
nicolas_eliges ‘at’ hotmail ‘dot’ com

Opendesk seems to have gone non open source. They did some website redesign since the last time I looked, and now seem aimed at selling furniture at eye popping prices. I didn’t explore registering as a maker very far, but it suggests they’re moving to a take a cut of the price model with their location restrictions and we’ll call you if you’re outside the areas they want.

We must come up high in the opendesk download searches based on the recent apparently non-maslowian register/ask posts. Nothing wrong with that, guess they’re from frustrated searchers, but I suspect that’s going to increase and might be fraught with licensing issues. Any suggestions on how to handle it?

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