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Opendesk Edie Table

Stools to come!!


That’s fantastic! I’m planning to do one of those in a couple weeks. Thank you for sharing photos

How did you get the files? When I looked they were offline and I emailed OpenDesk technical support.

Edit: I was looking for the Cafe Table which looks very similar :grimacing:

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@bar, Is the cafe table one of the newer designs? I noticed on one that I tried to get for personal use recently was only for commercial download.
When I first saw your video on the Olivia desk, I was sold on Maslow and OpenDesk!! I got on their site and downloaded pretty much every design they had, for personal use of coarse :smile: Even if I never use, Ill have them!!

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I emailed them about that and they did end up giving me the files. I think they are worried about people downloading them and making them commercially without paying. I get where they are coming from, but since the name is Open Desk it seems a little unfair to not be open, right? :wink:


Thanks @bar for letting me know!! Btw, here is the final product. A little peeled around the handles, still trying to play around with bits and speeds. Wondering if since it was on the final depth of cut side, if I should use a compression bit for the final 1-2 passes? It was cut completely with your general double spiral up bit, most consistent for me and cant beat the price!!! Anywhere!!!



That’s my go-to bit as well. The compression bit might help. I also find that some plywood is more prone to tear out than others.

Thanks for the complete set photo! I love seeing the things everyone builds!

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I’d like to start highlighting the cool projects people are doing in the weekly updates again. Can I use your your pictures and give you credit in the update @clintloggins? I think everyone would be excited to see that you built the complete set!


@bar please do!! Thanks!!

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Thanks @clintloggins ! :+1::+1:

Very nice @clintloggins !

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@clintloggins @bar,hello,I plan to make some opendesk furniture in my own lab—Fablab Zhengzhou,I email to opendesk but noone answers,could you mind send me the files(dxf and assembly guide) ?Ipromise not for bussiness,thankx.hunterv587(@)

I am sorry but about what bit are you talking about? :slight_smile: