Options for Sled Wax

I have the same issue that some others have reported, of the sled lifting on one side while moving.

The suggested solution seems to be waxing the bottom of the sled to reduce friction, but I don’t seem to see anywhere saying what sort of wax.

What sort of wax are people using?

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I’ve never waxed my sled, but I remember that @Bee used beeswax. Go figure.

And I use UHMW tape for the bottom of mine. Never had to wax (Maslow Classic)

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stuart powles wrote:

What sort of wax are people using?

I know I’ve seen people using furniture wax

it’s not picky, just something to make it slippery

David Lang

In the furniture industry we always used “Silbergleit” which does not leaf marks or stains on wood. I have bought some but haven’t tried it on the Maslow yet. It can be expensive but it really works good and you only need very little. Normally it is used on metal surfaces of jointers and such wood processing machines, but like I said I have not tried it on my (plastic) Maslow yet. I will post when I have tried it, but I am sure it will work. Other wax or oil should also work but might make stains on porous materials that you can never get out again. I haven’t tried it yet because I first want to try making my anchor points, each at the level of their own arm, so all belts are parallel to the work surface. So I can see the difference with the normal configuration where I also got the lifting effect. Haven’t found time yet to do the next experiment.

Where did you get that type of tape? Thats the material used for onewheel bumpers. I’ll check amazon too. Thanks for letting is know this exists.

I bought the 3" wide10 mil, but if I would do it again I’d go with the 5 mil. 10 was pretty stiff to wrap around the edges.

Regular old snowboard wax for me :slight_smile: :snowboarder: