Sled base modification

I modified the base of the sled for smoother sliding across the surface of the plywood that has numerous cutouts. I initially installed the 6" router base on the sled base and when moving across the surface the sled would catch on the cut outs. I removed the router base and covered the sled base with 1/8" masonite which allows the sled to move across the cutouts without hanging up. The new base has added much more friction, especially when the vacuum is running. Not sure if this will be a problem?


Slick! Great work.

Thank you

What isf you cut channels under the sled from the center and out… you don’t get the vacuum and smaller surface…And better dust collection…

Your sled looks like a half twin of mine. I have a bigger centre hole. You might reduce the suction friction this way.

If friction is a problem, perhaps you could wax that surface.

I suggest bees wax or bar soap.

Thank you

Is that your side business😀?

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Of course you would. :smiley:

Funny enough, until I found out Bees Wax was a furniture lubricant I had no idea what the saying really meant.

Thank you

Thanks for the suggestion. I was about to do that.

Seems like the dust would collect on the wax.

Beeswax is also a wood turning finish, hold the stick against the turning part and then use a paper towel to melt and work in, leaves a nice satin finish. It’s hard to find decent quality actually food safe beeswax on Amazon, most of it is imports of uncertain quality (despite the description and reviews, finds a lot of paid fake reviews). If it smells smokey (like the batch I paid a premium to buy a month or so back) it’s not the good stuff. It’s still works just fine for furniture and non-food touching uses


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So… I’d better not use it on my turkey-carving Maslow.

Probably not the best choice. I bought it to use on wooden bowls with the amazing Lizzie, but I’m back to walnut oil the next time i cut up a tree and make some more bowls

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It should be more slippery then sticky.

Thank you