Order Number #10000

Hi All,

I was wondering what order numbers people have recieved. I pre-ordered from the website and have tried emailing maslow but not had a reply.

Im order 10 thousand and something, looking at recent posts Maslow only seem to be around the 1000 mark. Im based in the UK so hoping that its not stuck at customs or something silly.


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I’m sorry that you didn’t get a reply! I’m not sure how we missed you.

We are currently waiting on the controller boards which are delayed at the factory :pensive:. In the mean time we are packing kits with everything except that one part so that we can ship them out as quickly as possible as soon as they arrive and we can test/program them.

You should be getting a weekly status update email, but if not you can find all of our weekly updates here: Maslow Weekly Update — Maslow

I’m really sorry for the delay! Nobody wants these kits sent out more than we do. We’re doing everything that we can to get them done ASAP!

HI vinilec
I am number #10393 haven’t got any email nither just hang in there the wait will be worth it, i hope

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If you aren’t getting the weekly updates (it’s optional at check out) you can sign up here: Contact Us — Maslow

It’s super easy to unsubscribe so don’t feel like you are making a big commitment to get them forever

I am signed up for the weekly updates i believe but it just says website pre-orders it doesnt say if they will be sent out in phases or all at once

Im very excited to get it and cant wait to start using it. as a side question whats the maximum size it can cut? could i do a 5x10 sheet?


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at this time I would stick to the recommended max 4x8 sheet. To do a 5x10 you would have to have the Anchors out further. There have been reports of people trying to do 5x10 and the Belts coming off the spool due to it fully extending the Belts out.

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Sam J via wrote:

whats the maximum size it can cut? could i do a 5x10 sheet?

currently we do not believe it can do sheets this large, it would need
extensions added to the belts, which the firmware doesn’t support yet. It would
also require a VERY large frame.

you can play around with the page at http://lang.hm/maslow/maslow4_frame.html to
see what different shape frames will let you cut without any expected problems
(note that we don’t know how bad the problems will be as you go outside the
green area of the image).

David Lang

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There were just under 1500 Kickstarter backers. The order numbers I have seen since Kickstarter are all over 10000, so I am assuming that @bar and company started that group at 10000 or 10001 to distinguish them from the Kickstarter backers. I don’t think you have to wait for 8500 other orders to be fulfilled.

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I ordered after the Kickstarter campaign ended, and my number is 9992, so it didn’t start at 10,000. Maybe 9,000?

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I honestly have no idea how the order numbers are generated. I think that maybe it picked up where we left off last time we were selling machines, but I don’t think that it ever started from 0 and I’m not sure that it goes up by one each time.

We plan to have every kit packed when the PCBs get here so that we can ship them all out quickly. It won’t be all at once, but it should be all in one week or so

If I wanted to change the delivery address on my Maslow4, if, how would I go about doing that?

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Shoot an email to Anna@MaslowCNC.com :grinning:

Thank you!

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this may have been listed in another thread, and forgive me if it’s been answered already, but can you please tell me the package shipping dimensions and weight?

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The package is 14.5lbs and 400x400x90mm (16x16x3.5in)

thanks @bar

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Had an email Yesterday evening saying mine has been booked in for shipping :slight_smile: very much excited to receive it.

Ordered it on the 31st March and 15th May was booked in for dispatch. Very happy with the 6 week lead time :slight_smile: